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     I started to help my yiayia (grandmother) in the kitchen when I was around 7 years old. I remember that she would make dolmades (which is a delicious and very traditional Greek dish), and she would wrap the most aromatic rice into the grape leaves. I would watch her how patient she was while wrapping and folding. Being a child, of course I wanted to try, too! Honestly... it was not easy at all! My grandmother smiled and said that I needed to try many times before I would be able to and make a prefect wrapped dolma! I guess this is how my love for cooking started. I learned everything I know from my family - 3 generations of Greek women and cooking experts.

     When I moved to USA I started to cook very much. One reason was because I was waiting for my work authorization from the government and I wanted to put my free time to good use. Another reason was that I really wanted to take care and spoil my husband as much as I could. I love cooking for him and I wanted him to feel loved and warm the way I used to feel when I was a kid; the smell of freshly baked banana bread when I would come back from school, crispy homemade spanakopita pie when I would come back from work as an adult, and so many other good memories. Food is not just a way to nourish our body or to experience unique flavors and combinations, food is memories and I couldn’t understand the warmth and love I received until I moved away and didn't have it close by.

     One day my husband said something that I didn’t expect but I really wanted to hear. He said: “Food is love made edible!” over a warm, homemade meal that I had cooked. I was absolutely thrilled and happy because I felt at-home for the first time after I had left my home in Greece. And, of course, as my husband served the most beautiful line, it felt like he was at-home, as well!

     I love how people feel around a warm and homecooked meal, a nice glass of wine and of course the discussions that are usually accompanied by such a feast.

     For a time, I moved to New York City to be with my cousin Mina. My cousin happens to be one of the most successful and unique chefs in the big apple! If there is one person that could say that they were extremely spoiled, that could be me. Mina would create absolutely the most marvelous dishes that anyone could possibly imagine! Very often she would need a little help with her cooking business, so I would step in and I cook with her. That experience is truly a unique one, and I am extremely grateful that I had a chance to learn from one of the best in the world.

     Currently I am offering homemade meals for several families in Utah. If there is anything I could possibly say when it comes to tasty food, my main ingredient is love! If the plate has a lot of color, beautiful spices, plus olive oil and lemon, I could absolutely promise that it’s going to be a good dish.